Project Name Project Sponsor Principal Investigator
Reciprocity, generosity, trust, and group solidarity. National Science Foundation (NSF) Lucas, Jeff
The framing of collective action in groups. National Science Foundation (NSF) Lucas, Jeff
Analysis of the Third Wave of the Research Environment Survey and Recommendations for Aligning the Structure with the Strategy of STAR. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Lucas, Jeff
A Multi-Method Approach to Stigma and Status Processes. National Science Foundation (NSF) Lucas, Jeff
An Investigation of New Requirements for STAR and Issues in the Leadership of Science, Technology, and Innovation. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Lucas, Jeff
Consequences of Childhood and Adolescent Time Use for Health: Incorporating Race, Gender and SES Status Processes and School Context Maryland Population Research Center Milkie, Melissa
Consequences of Children's Time Use and Health: Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic Statuses. University of Maryland Milkie, Melissa
Doctoral Dissertation Research: Divergent Meanings, Uneven Privilege: The Meaning and Evaluation of Fathers in Professional Workplace. National Science Foundation (NSF) Milkie, Melissa
Qualitative Research Interest Group. Center for Race Gender and Ethnicity Ray, Rashawn
Thick: Effects of Perceived Body Image on Physical Health of Middle Class African-American Girls. Maryland Population Research Center Ray, Rashawn
Barriers and Incentives to Physical Activity. National Institute of Health (NIH) Ray, Rashawn
Institutional Context: Schools and Child Development Eunice Kennedy Shriver -National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Milkie, Melissa