• Undergraduate news. The Undergraduate blog includes information on careers, scholarships, events, and other news for Sociology majors.  
  • Cybergology. Cyborgology was created by graduate students Nathan Jurgenson and PJ Rey. They note that technology has infiltrated the most fundamental aspects of our lives: social organization, the body, even our self-concepts. Cybergology chronicles our new, augmented reality.   
  • Family Inequality. Professor Philip Cohen moderates "Family Inequality", a running account of the connections between families and inequality. The nature of this relationship is one of the central problems of inequality in modern societies.   
  • The Sociological Cinema. Graduate students Les Andrist, Valerie Chepp, and Paul Dean assemble and catalog great video clips for your classroom. Part of the website is a blog page that fosters longer discussions of useful videos for sociology.   
  • Stories from the Field. Professor Sonal Desai records observations from fielding the second wave of the India Human Development Survey.   You can also find monthly IHDS newsletters here. 
  • Blog for Society and the Environment. This blog is run and moderated by the Program for Society and the Environment (PSE) at the UMd. It provides a space for discussions about what’s going on at the PSE, including recent events and visiting scholars. The Blog also posts reflections on current events and research by faculty and graduate students affiliated with the PSE.
  • Veteran Scholars: Professor Meredith Kleykamp and Graduate Student Sidra Montgomery bring their scholarship and expertise on military and veteran issues to their blog "Veteran Scholars" where they write about their original research, review related literature, offer methodological advice and insights, and critically analyze contemporary veteran issues. 
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