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1101 Art-Socy

Reimagining Memphis:  Chaos and Community in the Post-Civil Rights Era

Memphis, associated with icons of popular culture from Robert Johnson and Elvis Presley to B.B. King and Justin Timberlake, is a city of controversy and contradiction. Noted for its cumulative disadvantages and dramatic transformations, it is a place where entrepreneurs and innovators have transformed popular culture and global commerce.  Yet high rates of poverty and low rates of educational attainment continue to challenge community-building. Rushing discusses her research which draws on urban, cultural, and historical sociology to examine Memphis in the post-Civil Rights era.

About the Speaker:

Wanda Rushing is Professor of Sociology at the University of Memphis.  She is author of Memphis and the Paradox of Place:  Globalization in the American South (2009, The University of North Carolina Press) and editor of Urbanization, Volume 15 of the New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (2010, The University of North Carolina Press).  She has published articles on inequality in a number of professional journals, including City & Community and Urban Studies.  Dr. Rushing was awarded the Distinguished Research Award (2010), and a Dunavant University Professorship (2011-2014) by the University of Memphis College of Arts and Sciences.  Recently she was elected President-Elect of Sociologists for Women in Society (2015).

Wanda Rushing