Event Date and Time
2108 Parren J. Mitchell ASY Building (SOCY Undergraduate Lounge)

Lunch with an alumni is a new series for undergraduate sociology students to have a chance to chat with an alumni who has taken their sociology degree and used it to build a career.  It will be informal conversations over a brown bag lunch- so if your schedule is free, come join us and hear about how your degree is one of the most flexible out there and the special advantages that having a sociology degree can bring!

There will be pizza!

Our first lunch will be October 26, in 2108 ASY (the sociology undergraduate lounge) from 12pm-1pm with 2015 alumnus Lance Brooks.

Bio: Lance Brooks is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park who currently works as an assistant within the Office of the Registrar.  As a sociology major, Lance uses critical thinking and social awareness to effectively solve registration complications, and ensure a seamless experience for the UMD community.  Lance is also a data specialist who will graduate from the data analytics graduate program at UMUC in 2018.  Along with his graduate studies, Lance has opened a data consulting firm known as Brooks Analytics, w hich focuses on using data exploration strategies to improve organization performance. Lance credits his sociology degree for giving him the research foundation and mental framework to move forward in the evolving business world. In his free time, Lance loves listening to music and training for mud-run obsticle courses.

Lance Brooks picture