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1101 Morrill Hall

"Abortion(s) in the United States: Who has them and where are they performed?"

Abortion is a politically sensitive, and often controversial, topic. In this context, misinformation and lack of factual information about abortion can be detrimental. The Guttmacher Institute has been conducting research on abortion for over four decades, focusing on two aspects: abortion patients and abortion providers. This body of work is intended to inform public health programs as well as state and national policies intended to reduce unintended pregnancy. Guttmacher’s Abortion Patient Surveys (APS) have established that the majority of abortion patients are in their 20s, more than half have one or more children and three-quarters are poor or low-income. This presentation will take a closer look at overlap in these characteristics, for example, revealing what proportion of abortion patients are low-income, unmarried, mothers. Additionally, I will discuss current research examining characteristics of patients who have very early abortions and those who have second-trimester procedures. Guttmacher’s Abortion Provider Census (APC), conducted since 1973, has established that the abortion rate has been declining since the early 1990s, with particularly steep declines occurring since 2008. This presentation will discuss potential reasons for the decline, as well as the implications of the historic shift in abortion provision from hospitals to clinics. Finally, I will discuss preliminary findings from research on abortion rates by population characteristics, using combined data from both the APS and the APC.

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