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1101 Parren J. Mitchell ASY Bldg


The Climate Constituencies Project is studying how ideological and policy networks around climate and energy evolve over the 2016 election year. This talk presents preliminary findings from this project. Triangulating among various forms of data- including ideological belief networks, policy networks, and social media mention networks- this project aims to understand the shifting climate and energy policy landscape in the United States. It focuses specifically on changes at the federal level as well as in Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio. In addition to presenting preliminary findings, the talk will discuss how the results contribute more broadly to our thinking abou the relationship between society and the natural environment.

About the Speaker:

Dana R. Fisher is a Professor of Sociology and the Director of the Program for Society and the Environment at the University of Maryland. Her research focuses on understanding the relationship between environmentalism and democracy- most recently focusing on environmental stewardship and American climate politics. This research employs a mix of quanitative and qualitative methods. In addition to her five books, she also has published her work in numerous peer-reviewed journals. For more information, see www.drfisher.umd.edu.

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