Event Date and Time
1101 Parren J. Mitchell ASY Bldg

The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce the annual Second Year Paper presentations. This semester, we have six students completing their second year papers.  You are invited to attend the presentations.

  • "Military Recruiting as a Process of Cultural Matching: The Case of Enlisting in the Army" by Amanda Nguyen (advisor Dr. Meredith Kleykamp; reader: Dr. Dana Fisher)
  • "Equal Choice, Unequal Access: The Relationship Between Public School Choice and Residential Segregation in Washington, DC" by Angela O'Brien (advisor: Dr. Kris Marsh, reader: Dr. Rashawn Ray)
  • "Does What They Say Matter?" Family Planning Message Exposure and Women's Birth Spacing Intentions in Pakistan" by Fatima Zahra (advisor: Dr. Joan Kahn)

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