Event Date and Time
1101 Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
Online and accelerated pace courses are becoming a much larger portion of our course offerings but offer unique challenges to planning and learning.  The courses are short - 3 - 6 weeks long, and take special preparation to ensure that students leave the course with a solid understanding of the subject matter. 
The Undergraduate Office is now requiring that graduate students who are going to teach Accelerated courses during Winter and Summer semesters to attend a 3 session workshop that will help prepare them to teach a fast-paced intensive course.  
This Fall, we will hold these sessions on 10/4, 10/11 in 1101 ASY, and 11/1 from 12-1 in 2115 ASY.  All graduate students are invited to attend (and required if you are interested in teaching in summer).  Any interested faculty are also welcome.
The sessions will focus on
1. Getting Started:  What do I need to consider as I begin to plan my course?
We have invited a speaker from the Teaching Ctr on campus to come and help think through these issues.
2. How have others done this?  John Pease will walk us through his winter syllabus and his decision process as he designs his course.
3. Workshop session:  You can bring a draft syllabus, plans for a unit, etc that we will share and discuss as a group.
Please RSVP to Amy McLaughlin (amclaug1 [at] umd.edu)