Event Date and Time
Art Sociology 1101

"Understanding the Organizational Landscape of Urban Environmental Stewardship: The STEWMAP Philadelphia Survey"

Speaker's Bio

Anya Galli is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Maryland—College Park and a Graduate Fellow at the Program for Society and the Environment at the University of Maryland. Her research at UMD has focused on social movements, environmental stewardship, and food justice in the United States.

Her dissertation research studies the social factors that contribute to the unequal production of industrial pollution and the ways in which the environmental impacts of that pollution are unequally shared. Building on the emergent concept of disproportionality, which posits that a small fraction of industrial producers create the majority of ecological harm within a given sector, this project considers how power disparities at the federal, state, and local levels create the social contexts within which disproportionate pollution occurs. This project uses qualitative methods to address the mechanisms underlying the production of environmental harm and injustice.

Anya received her BA in Psychology, Women’s Studies, and Studio Art from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, where she worked on various social justice and policy initiatives. She received her MA in Sociology from the University of Maryland in 2012.

Anya Galli