Affiliate Faculty
Name Email Location & Phone
David Andrews picture Andrews, David
Professor, Department of Kinesiology
dla [at] 2357 School of Public Health
(301) 405-2474
LaFree LaFree, Gary
Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Distinguished University Professor, Director of START
glafree [at] 8400 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 250
(301) 405-6600
robert stewart smiling Stewart, Robert
Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
robstew [at] 2165A LeFrak Hall
Bonnie Thornton Dill Thornton Dill, Bonnie
Dean, College of Arts and Humanities; Professor, Women's Studies Department
btdill [at] 1102 Francis Scott Key Hall
(301) 405-0949
Ruth Zambrana picture Zambrana, Ruth
Professor, Department of Women's Studies
rzambran [at] 2101 Woods Hall
(301) 405-3447
Emeriti Faculty
Name Email Location & Phone
Collins picture Collins, Patricia Hill
Distinguished University Professor Emerita
collinph [at] 4143 Art/Sociology Building
Bill Falk Falk, William
Professor Emeritus
wfalk [at] 4131 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6396
Kurt Finsterbusch Finsterbusch, Kurt
Professor Emeritus
kfin [at] 3101 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6397
hage Hage, Jerald
Professor Emeritus
jhage [at] 3151 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6437
Larry Hunt Hunt, Larry
Associate Professor Emeritus
larryh [at]
Kammeyer Kammeyer, Kenneth C.W.
Professor Emeritus
kkammeye [at]
Bart Landry Landry, Bart
Professor Emeritus
blandry [at] 4123 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6416
Joe Lengermann Lengermann, Joseph
Associate Professor Emeritus
jlengerm [at] 4131 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6396
UM Globe Meeker, Barbara
Professor Emerita
bfmeeker [at]
Milkie, Melissa
Professor Emerita
mmilkie [at] 4131 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6428
Linda Mogadham Moghadam, Linda
Principal Lecturer Emerita
John Pease Pease, John
Associate Professor Emeritus
pease [at] 3147 Parren J. Mitchell Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6436
George Ritzer Ritzer, George
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
gritzer [at] 2112 Parren Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
(301) 405-6389
segal Segal, David R.
Professor Emeritus
dsegal [at] 4145A Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6439
Mady Segal Segal, Mady W.
Professor Emerita
msegal [at] 4105 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6433