Current Faculty
Name Email Location & Phone
The image features Lester Andrist facing the camera and smiling. He is wearing a button-down shirt and a black suit jacket Andrist, Lester
Senior Faculty Specialist and Director of the MPS program in Public Safety Leadership and Administration
landrist [at] 4125 Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
(240) 821-4841
Ashlockphoto Ashlock, Jennifer
ashlock [at] 4149 Art/Sociology Building
Amelia Branigan picture Branigan, Amelia
Assistant Professor
branigan [at] 3121 Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
(301) 405-6416
caudillo Caudillo , Mónica L.
Assistant Professor
caudillo [at] 3143 Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
(301) 405-6418
smiling chuang Chuang, Julia
Assistant Professor
jchuang1 [at] ASY3129
Philip N. Cohen Cohen, Philip N.
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
pnc [at] 4127A Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6414
Brian Connor Connor, Brian
Senior Lecturer and Director of 5-year Combined BA/MA Program
bconnor [at] 3123 Art/Sociology Building
Undergraduate Director Photo DeLoatch, Nicole
Director of Undergraduate Studies
ndeloat [at] 2108 Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
(301) 405-6389
Sonalde Desai Desai, Sonalde
Distinguished University Professor
sdesai [at] 3119 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6312
Long Doan Doan, Long
Associate Professor
longdoan [at] 4135 Parren J. Mitchell Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-7586
Dawn M. Dow Dow, Dawn M.
Associate Professor
dmdow [at] 4131 Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
(301) 405-6428
Dana R. Fisher Fisher, Dana R
drfisher [at] 3101 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6469
Joan Kahn Kahn, Joan
jkahn [at] 3137 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6412
Kestnbaum, Meyer
Associate Professor
mkestn [at] 4129 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6431
kleykamp smiling Kleykamp, Meredith
Associate Professor and Associate Chair
kleykamp [at] 4141 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6409
Patricio Korzeniewicz Korzeniewicz, (Roberto) Patricio
Professor and BSOS Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
korzen [at] 3103/2112E Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-8939
frauke in front of a white wall Kreuter, Frauke
fkreuter [at] 301-405-0935
lucas suit Lucas, Jeff
Professor & Chair
jlucas2 [at] 2112 Parren J. Mitchell Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6435
Sangeetha Madhavan Madhavan, Sangeetha
smadhava [at] 1123E Taliaferro Hall
(301) 405-1166
Kris Marsh Marsh, Kris
Associate Professor
kmarsh1 [at] 3123 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6395
A brown haired woman with glasses with a gray sweater and a pink scarf. McLaughlin, Amy
Lecturer and Academic Advisor
amclaug1 [at] 3105 Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
(301) 405-6413
moaddel Moaddel, Mansoor
moaddel [at] 4139 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-5687
Collin Mueller headshot picture Mueller, Collin
Assistant Professor
muellerc [at] 3131 Parren J. Mitchell Art/Sociology Building
Neustadtl, Alan
Associate Professor
smilex3 [at] 3135 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6411
Julie Park Park, Julie
Associate Professor
juliepar [at] 3141 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6408
Prof. Parsells-Johnson Parsells-Johnson, Jeffrey L.
jeffpj [at] 3125 Parren J. Mitchell Art & Sociology
Stanley Presser Picture Presser, Stanley
Distinguished University Professor
stanleyp [at] 4121 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 314-7836
Ray Headshot Ray, Rashawn
rjray [at] 4137 Parren J. Mitchell Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-9581
Michael Rendall Rendall, Michael
mrendall [at] 3139 Art/Sociology Building/0124J COLE
(301) 405-6434
Wayne Santoro Picture Santoro, Wayne
Associate Professor
wsantoro [at] 4145 Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
Sayer photo Sayer, Liana
lsayer [at] 4133 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-6438
Sharan Sharma Sharma, Sharan
Assistant Research Professor
snsharma [at] 3133, Parren Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
snider on a bench with books Snider, Jeanette
Assistant Research Professor
jcsnider [at] 4123 Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
Reeve Vanneman Vanneman, Reeve
reeve [at] 3127 Art/Sociology Building
Research Faculty
Name Email Location & Phone
Christine Bachrach Bachrach, Christine
Research Professor
chrisbachrach [at] 3147 Art/Sociology Building
(443) 812-5515
arun balachandran Balachandran, Arun
Postdoctoral Fellow
arunbal3 [at]
Monica Das Gupta Das Gupta, Monica
Research Professor
mdasgupt [at] 3121 Art/Sociology Building
Goldscheider, Fran
College Park Professor
fgoldsch [at] 4135 Art/Sociology Building
Bill Hadden Hadden, Wilbur
Associate Research Scientist
whadden [at] 3105 Art/Sociology Building
(301) 405-9746
Adjunct Faculty
Name Email Location & Phone
pernick and jim henson statue Pernick, Robert
rpernick [at] Room 4125. 2112 Parren Mitchell Art-Sociology Building, 3834 Campus Dr, College Park, MD 20742
301 405 6389