Meyer Kestnbaum

Associate Professor

Professor Kestnbaum’s interests span the sociological study of the military, history and the technology. His recent work has been on the sociology of war, military conscription, citizenship & military mobilization, and the social impact of the internet. Among others, Dr. Kestnbaum has taught graduate courses in States, Politics and Social Change: Institution approaches to Comparative Analysis; Great Books in Political Economy, Contentious Politics: Resistance, Revolution and Nationalism in Comparative Perspective; War and Society; States, Politic and Social Change; Great Books in Political Economy; and War and Society. He has taught undergraduate courses in The Sociology of War; Military Sociology; Understanding Nationalisms: State Building and the Politics of Identity, and an Honors course The Introduction to Sociology: The Great Transformation and Market Society in America.
Course Name Course Title Semester Syllabus
SOCY 203 Sociological Theory Fall 2014
SOCY 620 Development of European and American Sociological Theory Fall 2014
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Department of Sociology
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