Barbara Meeker

Professor Emerita

I have a B. A. in Sociology and Mathematics from the University of Kansas (1961) and both an M. A. (1963) and PhD.(1966) in Sociology from Stanford University. I have been teaching at the University of Maryland, College Park since 1971, first as Associate Professor and then as Full Professor. Before coming here, I taught at the University of California, Irvine and the University of Washington (in Seattle) and worked as a Staff Associate at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. Within sociology, my areas of specialization are Social Psychology (Small Group Processes, Social Exchange, and Equity); Mathematical Sociology; and Contemporary Sociological Theory. Within the Maryland Sociology Department, I participate in the Social Psychology specialty area and the Theory specialty area, by teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses and advising Master's and PhD students who are doing research in these areas. I am currently the director of the Sociology Department's Undergraduate Honors program, and am coordinator of the graduate Social Psychology Specialty Area. My current research projects include: allocation and reward expectations in small groups (how do people decide what is 'fair' when a group has worked on something and then needs to divide up the product?); models of distribution of acts in discussion groups (mathematical descriptions of how it develops that some group members talk more than others in a cooperative group setting); and use of computer simulations to develop theories of group processes. My current professional memberships include: the American Sociological Association (Social Psychology Section, Theory Section, Computers and Society Section, Mathematical Sociology Section, and Rational Choice Section), the Southern Sociological Society; the District of Columbia Sociological Society; and the Pacific Sociological Association.
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