Christina Prell

Assistant Professor

Christina Prell's research focuses on the intersection of social networks and the environment. On a more local or regional scale, her work considers the role of social networks in shaping and/or diffusing views, values, and/or cultural beliefs about the environment and natural resource management. On a global scale, she considers how the structure of global trade networks drive a number of environmental inequalities, chief among these being between-country differences in pollution, as embodied in trade. For this later stream of research, she works with input-output modelers from Maryland's Geographical Sciences department. Currently, Christina is taking a more longitudinal look at these processes of networks and environmental outcomes, to consider how outcomes and network features 'co-evolve' with each other. She has published articles in such sociological venues as Social Forces and Journal of Mathematical Sociology, and she has published two books on social networks and network analysis; the first is a sole-authored book entitled, Social Network Analysis: History, theory, and methodology (Sage), and the second is a co-edited book with Orjan Bodin, entitled Social Networks and Natural Resource Management (Cambridge University Press). On an undergraduate level, Christina teaches research methods and courses on the social perspectives pertaining to the environment and/or social-ecological systems; on the graduate level, she teaches social network analysis and research methods.
Areas of Interest:
  • social networks, formation and change of networks, changing environmental outcomes, pollution, global environmental change
  • PhD
  • Christina Prell
3149 Art/Sociology Building
Department of Sociology
Phone: (301) 405-9369