Joe Lengermann is Associate Professor Emeritus. He was for many years until his retirement in 2011 the Associate Chair of the Department. At several different periods he has served in other administrative roles as Interim Department Chair and as Director of Graduate Studies.

Research interests have transitioned somewhat from topics in the sociology of work and organizations (professional autonomy, alienation, job satisfaction and motivation) to topics related to the organization and delivery of health care. These have included hospital organization, work-site health promotion programs (particularly in Fortune 500 and in Washington D.C Top 200 companies), and policies and practices regarding HIV / AIDS in the workplace. An example of the latter interest involved a World AIDS Foundation grant supported project in Brazil in 1994 and 1996 that involved a series of “training of trainers” workshops for health professionals in large Brazilian companies.

Joe continues to teach in the department. In recent years he has been teaching two undergraduate courses: SOCY 100 (Introduction to Sociology), and SOCY 460 (Sociology of Work).

Joe Lengermann
4131 Art/Sociology Building
Department of Sociology
jlengerm [at]