Yu (Rachel) Guo

Doctoral Candidate

I am interested in social theories, especially the individual-society/agency-structure debate. 

In terms of substantive research areas, I focus on rural migrant workers in China. 

My dissertation research is based on a one-year fieldwork with the rural migrant workers in two manufacturing factories in East China. Coming from a Marxist and more structuralist theoretical backgrounds, I designed my research in such a way that I remained open to the rural migrant workers' subjective thoughts and actions. Right now I am working on finding a way to sythesize the rich data on rural migrant workers' agency and my original structural concerns of domination and inequality. 

At the same time, I have been publishing media articles based on some stories I collected in the field. They also have one consistent theme: the rural migrant workers' rich agency. 


Areas of Interest:
  • Social theory
  • Rural migrant workers in China
  • World system
  • China
  • MA
4114 Art/Sociology Building
Department of Sociology
Email: yuguo@umd.edu