David Paul Strohecker


David Paul Strohecker is a sixth year PhD student who studies cultural change, conflict, and social theory, with an emphasis on the relationship between the media, consumer behavior, and deviant subcultures. Methodologically he follows qualitative methods, approaching social phenomena from an emic perspective that blends anthropology and social psychology. He was a regular contributor for Cyborgology, a sister blog to The Society Pagesas well as Sociological Images and The Sociological Cinema. He is currently doing an extended ethnography of the American tattoo community and tattoo culture, which served as the basis of his master’s thesis and which he continues to develop for his dissertation. He has also written on deviance, subcultures and style, social media, body politics, zombie culture, white racism, and public sociology, among other topics. 

Areas of Interest:
  • Subcultures, Deviance & Social Control
  • Popular & Consumer Culture
  • Cultural Sociology
  • Social Theory
  • Social Psychology
Personal Website:
  • BA Sociology, Texas A & M University
  • MA Sociology, University of Maryland
Course Name Course Title Semester Syllabus
SOCY 227 Introduction to the Study of Deviance Fall 2014 Syllabus
  • Dave Paul Strohecker
  • dave paul strohecker
Art-Sociology Room 1114
Department of Sociology
Email: dpstroh@umd.edu
Office Hours:
Mondays 2:00 -- 5:00pm