Shilpa Venkatraman

Doctoral Student

Shilpa’s academic interests are focused substantively in the areas of gender, marriage and family, feminism, international development and demography; and geographically in South Asia and the US. For her doctoral research, she wishes to examine the unequal gendered power relations in Indian marriages, drawing on Antonio Gramsci’s concept of ideological hegemony, and Steven Lukes’ three-dimensional view of power. She would like to explore how power operates in marital relationships across classes, castes and religions, and how husbands and wives internalize inequality. She is particularly interested in examining the impact of married women’s labor force participation and earnings on their agency, decision-making power, and exposure to domestic violence.

A former journalist, Shilpa has taught journalism at the School of Communication, Manipal University (India), and Gender Studies at the Asian University for Women (Bangladesh). She has also worked as a Communications Consultant for Bangalore-based NGOs that provide protection, counseling and legal help for victims of marital violence and dowry harassment. 

She holds a master’s degree in ‘Gender, Development and Globalization’ from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Areas of Interest:
  • Marriage, Family, Gender inequality, Gender and Development, Feminism, India, South Asia
  • MA Gender, Development and Globalization
  • Shilpa Venkatraman
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