Tuesday’s work explores the social psychological effects of tokenism on African American girls that attend private, elite high schools. As a black critical feminist that uses an intersectional approach, Tuesday’s work speaks to the importance of assessing race, gender, and class as interlocking matrices of systematic oppression for people of color in professional and academic spaces. Tuesday’s master thesis entitled The Cost of a Token: An Analysis of African American Girls in a Private High School explores the social psychological costs that African American girls that attended a private, elite high school incurred and why these costs are important for schools, parents, and students.  Her most recent work in progress is entitled The Racialization of Love that expands on Cancian’s seminal work The Feminization of Love. In this paper, Tuesday argues that blacks are often perceived as less loving in their behavior than whites because black's behavior is measured with a white-centered ruler that deems black's performance of love as less loving than white's performance of love. Above all, Tuesday’s work challenges us to reimagine a world that is more livable and just for all.

Areas of Interest

  • Tokenism, Race, Gender, Class


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  • Tokenism, Race, Gender, Class
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