Kelly Beavan is a doctoral student and graduate assistant in the department of sociology at the University of Maryland. Her research interests include attitudes and public opinion, social identity, status and social structure, and the intersection between social psychological processes and research design/survey measurement. Kelly's involvement in the department began as an undergraduate student at Maryland, where she successfully completed a honors thesis on subgroup differences in sexual attitudes and the role of religiosity. Kelly also worked as a research assistant in the sociology department's Group Processes Lab, and during her senior year was a Teaching Assistant for SOCY200-Human Societies for Dr. John Pease. Currently, Kelly works closely with Dr. Jeff Lucas as a research assistant on multiple projects. She has been particularly involved with one project examining organizational culture, leadership, and ethical behavior, and has been traveling to various military bases and service academies around the country to conduct interviews and focus groups.

Kelly recently earned her bachelor's degree with honors from the University of Maryland, where she studied sociology and survey methodology. She is excited to continue her postgraduate education and research involvement here at Maryland.


  • BA
    Sociology, University of Maryland
2103 Art-Sociology Building
Department of Sociology
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