My research interests center on social inequality and social psychology.  In particular, I've had a longstanding interests in racial wealth inequality and the mechanisms that produce it.  This interests began to manifest as an undergraduate and graduate student at Ole Miss where I conducted research on race and class differences in student loan knowledge and comfort. There, I developed a sociologically oriented financial literacy concept, financial cultural capital.  

Since coming to the University of Maryland, I have maintained a focus on social inequality and social psychology. Currently, I am studying racial inequality from a multigenerational perspective. My dissertation examines associations between childhood grandparent wealth and young adult well-being among and across American blacks and whites. I use longitudinal data analysis methods to analyze the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID). I want to understand whether coming from a family of advantage increases one's chances of well-being. To do so, I engage the social mobility and status attainment literature with the racial inequality, demography, and stratification literatures. 

My Master's research examined moral judgment assessments in small groups.  I was a research assistant for Dr. Jeff Lucas' group processes lab. I used data from one of our experiments to study moral judgment formation among people engaged in a small group generalized exchange exchange task.

Other research areas interests: Debts' relation to wealth and racial inequality, perceptions of personhood & human value, graduate student mental health

Areas of Interest

  • Race/Ethnic Relations, Racial Wealth Inequality, Morality, Quantitative & Qualitative Methods
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