My research is interdisciplinary covering the areas of demography, family, children, immigration, and gender. Relying on quantitative methods, I have analyzed regional-, and nationally-representative data to examine economic and health disparities in racial/ethnic minority immigrant women and children, how they utilize family networks, and how structural factors determine this pattern.

My dissertation draws from child development, family resources, and post-migration processes to examine the role of extended families in psychological adjustment for children in immigrant families. I argue that limited access to public assistance and socioeconomic resource for immigrants leads to household extension, and their complex and unstable extended familyliving arrangements jeopardize youth emotional health.

Areas of Interest

  • Family Demography
  • Children and Youth
  • Immigration
  • Gender


  • MA
  • BA
  • BA
    Public administration
  • PhD
    2017, University of Maryland, College Park
jkang [at]