Rose Malinowski Weingartner is a doctoral student in Sociology at the University of Maryland.  Rose’s broad interests include social stratification, community-level resource allocation, social capital, health in the broadest sense, and the ways that individuals, families and organizations interact with their communities, as well as the ways those communities shape individual identities.

Before Maryland, Rose served as a Senior Research Associate and Director of Survey Research in the non-profit sector, in addition to independent research consulting.  Her recent projects focused on oversight of the design, implementation and analysis of large-scale population surveys, evaluation of government health promotion programs, and creating compelling narratives using data.  Within the context of this work, Rose developed and delivered presentations and training programs for students and researchers, collaborated with subject-matter experts to open new doors to research and shared information with policymakers to drive progress using data.

Rose has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science from Temple University, Master of Public Health (MPH) from Drexel University, and maintains certification in public health (CPH). 


  • BA
    Sociology, Political Science - Temple University
  • MPH
    Public Health - Drexel University
Rose Malinowski Weingartner
roseamw [at]