Rodrigo Martinez is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology. His research examines the political consequences and responses to the anti-Black U.S. carceral state for individuals, families, and communities. Using mixed methods, his research builds on Critical Studies of Race & Masculinities, Political Sociology, and Criminology. Additionally, Rod has worked with a number of community organizations in a wide range of capacities including conducting community-based research in Chicago, Oakland, and Washington D.C, among others. Prior to being at the University of Maryland, Rod was an instructor in a Nonprofit Studies department. In addition to conducting research and teaching,  he enjoys mentoring undergraduate students and community-building. Born in SoCal but raised in the rustbelt, he is extremely proud to be a first-generation high school and college graduate. He is open to answering questions about graduate school at-large with prospective students from marginalized backgrounds. 



  • Law & Society
  • Criminology
Martinez, Rodrigo D.
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