Joanna Pepin is a sociologist who studies inequality related to gender and families. She uses a life course perspective and a variety of methodological approaches and data sources: experimental designs, time diary data, attitude surveys, census data, content analyses, and interviews. She is currently a NICHD Postdoctoral Fellow at the Population Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

Her dissertation investigated couples' treatment of money. One chapter consisted of an international comparative approach to explore the treatment of money in families across contexts with different degrees of gender inequality. Another component included a vignette survey-experiment which tested perceptions of how money operates in relationships. She is also conducting semi-structured interviews to evaluate how these ideals are negotiated. To check out what else she's working on, visit her website

Her research has appeared in the Journal of Marriage and Family, Demography, SociusSociological Inquiry and Sociological Spectrum. A paper published in the Journal of Marriage and Family showed that rising egalitarian ideology in the marketplace has been met with renewed beliefs in gender essentialism in the family. A collaborative paper in Demography investigated marital status differences in mothers' time use. Her research has received national media attention, covered by news outlets such as the New York Times, Washington PostTime Magazine, The Guardian, Sociological Images, and Alternet.

She is affiliated with the Time Use Lab, the premier U.S. institution on time use, spearheaded by Professor Liana Sayer.

Areas of Interest

  • Inequality
  • Gender
  • Family
  • Life Course
  • Culture
  • Methods


  • PhD
    Sociology (University of Maryland)
  • MS
    Human Development and Family Studies (Colorado State University)


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Joanna Pepin