Shilpa’s academic interests are focused substantively in the areas of gender, women's empowerment, marriage and family, feminism, international development, domestic violence, postcolonial studies, and postcolonial feminism; and geographically in South Asia and the US. She is interested in exploring unequal gendered power relations in Indian marriages, across classes, castes and religions, and how husbands and wives internalize inequality. She is currently working on multiple research projects in areas including domestic violence, son preference and postcolonial sociology. 

Shilpa was a journalist in India for 5 years, during which time she covered health, education, poverty and development-related issues for leading newspapers in India. She also reported extensively on son preference and female foeticide, and caste-based discrimination. She later taught journalism at the School of Communication, Manipal University (India), and Gender Studies at the Asian University for Women (Bangladesh). She has also worked as a Communications Consultant for Bangalore-based NGOs that provide protection, counseling and legal help for victims of marital violence and dowry harassment. 

She holds a master’s degree in Gender, Development and Globalization from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology at University of Maryland, College Park, from where she also received a master's in Sociology.

Areas of Interest

  • Marriage, Family, Gender inequality, Gender and Development, Feminism, Domestic violence, Immigration, Postcolonial feminism


  • MSc
    Gender, Development and Globalization
  • MA
Shilpa Reddy
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