Hangqing Ruan is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Maryland. His research spans three interrelated areas that lie at the intersection of demography, medical sociology, and social epidemiology. One line of his research focuses on the widening socioeconomic (SES) inequalities in health and mortality, and how SES intersects with race, gender, and family dynamics in shaping mortality and health patterns. The other strand of his work explores how family ties and social networks affect the older adults’ health and subjective wellbeing (e.g., depression, life satisfaction, and quality of life) in East Asian context like China. His work has appeared/forthcoming in Journals including Aging and Society, Frontiers in Public Health, Demographic Research, Socius, International Psychogeriatrics, and other outlets (Google Scholar). 

Areas of Interest

  • Social Inequalities in Health and Mortality.
  • Intersection of SES, Race, Gender, Family Dymamics and Health
  • Aging and Health Across Life Course


  • B.A.
    Sociology, Peking University, Beijing, China
  • M.A.
    Demography, Peking Univerisity, Beijing, China
  • M.A.
    Sociology, University of Maryland
  • Ph.D.
    Sociology, University of Maryland (in 2023 Dec.)


  • 2022-04-08
    Poster Award Winner, Population Association of America (PAA)
Hangqing Ruan picture
2112 SOCY Building
Department of Sociology
hruan [at] terpmail.umd.edu