Eric Stone is a doctoral candidate and graduate assistant at the University of Maryland, College Park. His research is situated in the realm of gender, sexuality, family, and health – with an emphasis on the experiences of LGBTQ+ populations. Eric primarily uses quantitative methods to identify and explore patterns of inequality (and their consequences). His second-year paper focused on amounts and types of leisure as behavioral indicators of health and social integration. Using 2003-2017 American Time Use Survey (ATUS) data, he examined leisure activity differences between men and women in same-sex and different-sex couples. Currently, Eric is collaborating with Dr. Long Doan to explore the relationship between doctor-patient discussions about sexual orientation and patients' access to HIV and STI testing. Other current projects include examining self-care deficits in relation to gender, parenthood and marital status, the quantification of poverty, the cardiovascular health consequences of perceived discrimination, and the stratification of end-of-life planning. Eric is also an advocate for public sociology and an active contributor to Contexts (a quarterly magazine of the American Sociological Association aimed at making social science research accessible to the general public).

Areas of Interest

  • Gender, Work, and Family
  • Stratification


  • B.A.
    Sociology, Hood College, 2016
  • M.A.
    Sociology, University of Maryland-College Park, 2019
Eric Stone
Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building, Room 3108
Department of Sociology
estone12 [at]