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Required Courses:

  • SOCY601 Statistics for Sociological Research I
  • SOCY602 Statistics for Sociological Research II
  • SOCY699C Computer Methods for Sociologists
  • SOCY620 Development of Sociological Theory
  • SOCY699D Sociological Research Methods
  • SOCY616 Proseminar

Approved Methods Courses:

  • SOCY604 Survey Research Methods
  • SOCY611 Demographic Techniques
  • SOCY632 Qualitative Research Methods I
  • SOCY633 Qualitative Research Methods II: Field Research
  • SOCY634 Attitudes and Public Opinion
  • SOCY699 Methods of Comparative and Historical Analysis
  • SOCY699 Content Analysis

Approved Statistics Courses:

  • 610 Categorical Analysis
  • 709D Advanced Topics in Data Analysis

Approved Theory Courses:

  • SOCY621 Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • SOCY660 Theories of Social Psychology
  • SOCY699 Families and Modern Social Theory
  • SOCY682 Critical Race Theory
  • SOCY789 Sociology of Race & Ethnic Relations

Elective Seminars


  • SOCY625 Social Movements and Activism
  • SOCY626 Demography of Aging
  • SOCY627 Migration, Immigration, and Race-Ethnicity
  • SOCY630 Population & Society
  • SOCY631 Comparative Sociology
  • SOCY635 Social Aspects of Fertility
  • SOCY634 Attitudes & Public Opinion
  • SOCY637 Demography of the Labor Force
  • SOCY642 Sociology of Mental Health
  • SOCY644 Gender, Work & Family
  • SOCY653 Family Demography
  • SOCY654 Military Families
  • SOCY661 Social Stratification
  • SOCY662 Income Inequality
  • SOCY664 Armed Forces & Society
  • SOCY665 Gender Stratification
  • SOCY665 Social Class, Family, and Community
  • SOCY671 Sociology of Development
  • SOCY699 War, State & Society
  • SOCY699 World-Systems Approach
  • SOCY699 Methods of Comparative & Historical Analysis
  • SOCY699 Diversity in the Military
  • SOCY699 Power, Status & Leadership in Groups
  • SOCY699 Group Processes
  • SOCY699 Military Sociology
  • SOCY699 Institutions and the Life Course
  • SOCY699D Families and Modern Social Theory
  • SOCY709 Advanced Special Topics in Data Analysis:  Network Analysis
  • SOCY719 Advanced Special Topics in Social Psychology
  • SOCY758 Advanced Special Topics in GWF
  • SOCY769 Advanced Special Topics in Military Sociology
  • SOCY709 Advanced Special Topics in Data Analysis:  Network Analysis
  • SOCY789 Advanced Special Topics in Social Stratification
  • SOCY819 Research Seminar in Social Psychology
  • SOCY869 Research Seminar in Military Sociology
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