Graduate School Forms.  The forms listed below can also be found on the Graduate School's website. If you have questions about completing any of the forms below, please stop by the Graduate Office. Students should fill out the form, obtain signatures from your advisor, and drop off the form in the Graduate Office for the Graduate Director.

Department Calendar of Deadlines. Deadlines for submission of each of these forms can also be found on the Graduate School's website.  Note that the department has earlier deadlines for which the forms must be turned into the Graduate Office. 

Applying for Graduation. Students may apply for graduation (MA or PhD) in the semester they anticipate completing their degree requirements. If degree requirements are not met, the application will roll over to the next semester. There is no fee to apply for graduation.

Approved Program Form.  Students seeking the MA degree must complete the Approved Program form. Students need 30 credits to receive the MA degree in Sociology.  For complete MA requirements, contact the Sociology Graduate Office.

Certification of Masters Degree.  MA seeking students must submit the Certification of Masters Degree (without thesis) form. List the title of your second year paper as the required seminar/research paper.

Advancing to Candidacy. Once students complete all coursework and pass both comprehensive exams, they may apply to advance to candidacy. Complete this form, obtain your advisor's signature, and return it to the Graduate Office for the Graduate Director's signature.

Nomination of Dissertation Committee. When students have their committee set, they should submit this form to the Graduate Office. This form must be submitted AT LEAST 6 WEEKS BEFORE THE SCHEDULED DISSERTATION DEFENSE.

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