E ChatterjeeEsha Chatterjee

Research Interests: Fertility, Labor Force, Gender, Work and Family, Migration, Quantitative Methods, Social Demography

Dissertation Title: Determinants of Differential Regional Fertility Rates in India: An Examination of Fertility Intention, Behavior and the Unmet Need for Contraception

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Sonalde Desai





A RobertsonAnya Galli Robertson

Research Interests: Social Movements and Environmental Sociology, with special emphasis on Movement Tactics, Environmental Politics, and Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Title: Powerful Polluters: The Politics of Disproportionate Emissions in the Coal-Fired Power Industry

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dana R. Fisher





Y GuoYu (Rachel) Guo

Research Interests: Social Inequality, Political Economy, Labor and Employment, Culture, Intersectionality, Gender and Sexuality, and Migration

Dissertation Title: Rural Migrant Workers' Agency in Capitalist Production in China

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Patricia Hill Collins






W LaybournWendy M. Laybourn

Research Interests: Social Psychology, Race and Ethnicity, Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology

Dissertation Title: Beyond Honorary Whiteness: Ideologies of Belonging and Korean Adoptee Identities

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Rashawn Ray





J PenaJessica Peña

Research Interests: Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Identities, Race and Mental Health, Quantitative Methodology, Gender, Work & Family

Dissertation Title: Racial Classification, Misclassification, and Psychological Wellbeing of Afro-Latin Americans in the United States

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Kris Marsh





J Pepin Joanna R. Pepin

Research Interests: Families, Inequality, Gender, Life Course, Culture, Methods

Dissertation Title: Inequality and the Household Economy

Dissertation Chairs: Dr. Liana Sayer and Dr. Philip Cohen





P Rey PJ Rey

Research Interests: Gender and Sexuality, Technology and Privacy, Digital Labor, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods

Dissertatation Title: Camming Performers' Perspectives on Digitally  Mediated Sex Work

Dissertation Chair: Dr. George Ritzer





Z RicherZachary Richer

Research Interests: Sociology of Culture, Inequality and Social Exclusion, Space & Place, Race & Ethnicity, Qualitative Methods

Dissertation Title: In the Name of Culture: The Politics of Public Celebration in the Multicultural Civil Sphere

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Dana Fisher






S SunShengwei Sun

Research Interests: Gender, Race and Class, Labor Market Inequalities, Work and Family, Care Work, Social Demography, Life Course

Dissertation Title: Intersecting Inequalities in the Paid Care Work Sector Under Changing Social and Economic Contexts

Dissertation Chairs: Dr. Feinian Chen and Dr. Wei-hsin Yu




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