dernbergerBrittany Dernberger

Research Interests: Social Inequality and Stratification, Occupations & Work, Gender, Family, Life Course

Dissertation Title: College Graduates’ Responses to Underemployment

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Meredith Kleykamp





greenbergMollie Greenberg

Research Interests: Social Psychology and Stratification, Stigma and Status, Group Processes, Disability, Quantitative Methods, Experimental Methods

Dissertation Title: The Effects of Causal Attributions and Previous Status on Expectations

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Jeff Lucas




joshiOmkar Joshi

Research Interests: Interests: Social Stratification, Economic Inequality, Family Demography, Gender and Labour Market, Development in Asian countries, Quantitative Methods

Dissertation Title: Income Inequality and Caste in India: Evidence from India Human Development Surveys 

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Reeve Vanneman




rey PJ Rey

Research Interests: Gender and Sexuality, Technology and Privacy, Digital Labor, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods

Dissertatation Title: Camming Performers' Perspectives on Digitally  Mediated Sex Work

Dissertation Chair: Dr. George Ritzer

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