Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Requirements

The general requirements of the Ph.D. consists of 40 credits of coursework, 3 credits of Masters level research, a Second-Year Research Paper, the passing of two specialty exams, 12 credits of Dissertation research, and a Dissertation.  The coursework includes:

Required Courses: Doctoral Students must have successfully completed courses in theory, research methods, and statistics.

  1. Proseminar (SOCY616)- 1 credit
  2. Two courses in social theory (SOCY620 and an additional course from the approved list)- 6 credits
  3. Two courses in statistics (SOCY601 and SOCY602)- 6 credits
  4. Two research methods courses (SOCY699D and an additional course from  the approved list)- 6 credits
  5. An advanced statistics course OR an additional course in research methods. This course must be on the approved list or approved by the student's advisor. -3 credits
  6. Candidacy/Dissertation Research Credits- minimum 12 credits

Elective Courses: A minimum of 18 graduate credits is required for specialty exam eligibility. Courses should be selected to satisfy requirements of the specialty chosen by the student from the list of approved courses. Students should aim to complete the following by the end of their fifth semester:

  • Required courses for each of the department's specialty areas in which you plan to take exams. The required courses by specialty area are: 
    Demography:  SOCY630 Population and Society, and SOCY611 Demographic Techniques  
    Social Inequality and Mobility: SOCY661 Stratification
    Social Psychology: SOCY660 Theories of Social Psychology 
    Social Change and States: SOCY699K States, Politics, and Social Change
  • Two additional elective area seminars for each of the department's specialty areas in which you plan to take exams. Note students who plan to take the alternative specialty exam develop the set of three seminars that will support the alternative exam with their advisor and exam committee.
  • Independent reading courses do not count for specialty exam requirements. 
  • If a course is approved for two specialty areas, it may be counted towards both areas only with approval of the Director of Graduate Studies and exam committee. In that case, students still need 18 elective graduate credits. Courses may be double counted for specialty area and theory or methods/statistics requirements if those courses are on the approved list for specialties and theory or methods/statistics. 
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