PhD Year

Dissertation Title


Haoshu Duan 2022 Shape of Care: Patterns of Family Caregiving Among Older Adults from the Midlife to Later Ages in China and the U.S. Health Research Monitoring Evaluation Senior Analyst, ABT Associates
Yuko Hara 2022 Gender-Specific Significance of Family Traditions on Well-being and Work Attitudes Postdoctoral Associate, Maryland Population Research Center, University of Maryland
Amanda Dewey 2021 Understanding Values in Organizational Contexts: The Case of Species Conservation Research Manager, Local Policy, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Shaun Genter 2021 Collective Racial Emotion and Whites’ Reactions to Demands for Racial Equity Survey Methodologist, US Census
Shinta Hernandez 2021 A Sociological Analysis of the Impact of Online Education on Community College Completion: A Case Study of Montgomery College in Maryland Dean of Virtual Campus, Montgomery College
Omkar Joshi 2021 Income Inequality and Caste in India: Evidence from India Human Development Surveys Quantitative UX Researcher, Meta
PJ Patella-Rey 2021 Sex Cam Modeling: Labor, Intimacy, and Prosumer Porn Visiting Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh
Polina Zvavitch 2021 The Socioeconomic Associations with Women’s Partnership Formation and Dissolution in Russia, Germany, and the United States Researcher, Insight Policy Research
Esha Chatterjee 2020 Determinants of differential regional fertility rates in India: An Examination of Fertility Intentions, Behavior, and the Unmet Need for Contraception Assistant Professor, ITT Kanpur
Brittany Dernberger 2020 Inequality in the College-to-Career Transition: Self- Scarring and Underemployment Senior Manager, Systems-Level Impact, CARE
Nicole De Loatch 2020 Surviving the Storm: An Intersectional Analysis of Hurricane Katrina’s Effect on Physical and Mental Health Disparities Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Maryland
Jaein Lee 2020 Inequality of Suicide in South Korea: Variations of County-level Suicide Rates and Risk of Suicidal Ideations Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College
Zhiyong Lin 2020 Diverse Care Networks and Unmet Care needs of Older Adults in a Changing America Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Beverly Pratt 2020 Love Walks: The Sojourned Self, Social Solidarity, and Pilgrimage Senior Analyst, US Census
R. Gordon Rinderknecht 2020 Factors Contributing to the Experience of State Loneliness Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in the Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography
Joey Brown 2019 Grandparent Wealth and the Well-Being of Black and White Young Adults Survey Statistician, US Census
Melissa Brown 2019 The Jezebel Speaks: Black Women’s Erotic Labor in the Digital Age Postdoctoral Fellow, Clayman Institute, Stanford University
Audra Buck-Coleman 2019 Race, Politics, and Structural Diversity: How Hate Crimes, Racial Discrimination, White Supremacy, and Art Shape Social Identities during College Associate Professor of Design, University of Maryland
Greg White 2019 Adolescents’ Attitudes Toward Economic and Social Responsibilities of Government in 24 Countries Executive Director, National Academy of Education
Sojin Yu 2019 Multicultural Politics and National Boundary Making in Korea: Mapping the Intersectional Dimensions of Nation, Gender, Class, and Ethnicity in State Policy and Practice Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Fatima Zahra 2019 Growing Up in Rural Malawi: Gendered Aspirations, Time Use, and Socialization Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania
Anna Dubin 2018 Falling in Love, or Falling in Line? Trump, Clinton, and Mobilization in the 2016 Election in Florida Founder & Principal, Civic Matters, LLC & Independent Political and Research Consultant, The MirRam Group & Hamilton Campaign Network
Yu (Rachel) Guo 2018 Rural Migrant Workers’ Agency in Capitalist Production in China Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Sociology, Albright College
Eowna Young Harrison 2018 Racial Differences in Contraceptive Strategies to Protect Against Pregnancy: Competing Goals and Decisions Senior Research Associate, Urban Institute
Hsiang-Yuan Ho 2018 Power and Status in Judging and Punishing Immorality Senior Principal Researcher, Compliance and Legal Practice, Gartner
SunAh Laybourn 2018 Beyond Honorary Whiteness: Ideologies of Belonging and Korean Adoptee Identities Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Memphis
Jessica Peña 2108 Multiple Dimensions of Race and the Mental Health of Latinos from Afro-Latin America Survey Statistician, US Census
Joanna Pepin 2018 Inequality and the Household Economy Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University at Buffalo
Zachary Richer 2018 In the Name of Culture: the Politics of Public Celebration in the Multicultural Civil Sphere Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Toronto
Anya Galli Robertson 2018 Disproportionality, Discourse, and the Debate Over Coal-Fired Power Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Dayton
David Strohecker 2018 Reinscribing Subculture: Boundary Work in American Traditional Tattooing Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Virginia Commonwealth University
Shengwei Sun 2018 Intersecting Inequalities in the Paid Care Work Sector Under Changing Social and Economic Contexts Manager of Research, National Women’s Law Center
Wasser, Matthias 2018 The International Political Economy of Fascism Social Studies Teacher, Acton-Boxborough Regional High School
William Yagatich 2018 The Sociological Study of Expert Knowledge Work: Current Trends and Changes in the Study of Professions, Professionalization, and Professionalism Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for Climate Change Communication (4C), George Mason University
Jonathan Cox 2017 I Am, But I Do Not See: Color-Blind Racial Ideology in College Millennials Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
Jeehye Kang 2017 Behavioral Problems of Children in L.A.: Extended Family, Neighborhood, and Nativity Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice, Old Dominion University
Kristin Kerns 2017 Effects of Threats to Groups on Ingroup-Prosocial Behaviors and Orientations Survey Statistician, US Census
Lucia Lykke 2017 Health Associations with Interracial and Inter-Ethnic Marital, Cohabitating, and Dating Relationships in the United States Survey Statistician, US Census
Sidra Montgomery 2017 Coming Home as ‘Wounded Warriors’: Identity, Stigma, and Status among Post-9/11 Wounded Veterans Senior Researcher, Insight Policy Research
Michael Norton 2017 Factors in the Reporting of Unethical Conduct: The Importance of Trust in Leaders LEL Associate Chair, Division of Leadership Education and Development, United States Naval Academy
Daniel Swann 2017 Don’t Tell Me You’re One of Those: A Qualitative Portrait of Black Atheists Assistant professor of Sociology, Goucher College


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