Book Cover Sonalde Desai  Gender Inequalities and Demographic Behavior


Demography, or the study of population, has been an area of graduate study within the University of Maryland’s Department of Sociology for many years.

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Political Sociology

The Political Sociology specialty area focuses on interrelations among the state, market and civil society.  A major strength of the political sociology specialty is the breadth of teaching and research interests represented among its core faculty.

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Social Psychology

The University of Maryland’s Department of Sociology offers a rich and varied program in Social Psychology that spans multiple levels of analysis and methodological approaches. Seven faculty members identify social psychology as a principal area of interest.

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Social Inequality & Mobility

Stratification at the University of Maryland is grounded in the classical sociological theories, but goes beyond the original writings to contemporary theory and research.

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Gender Work and Family

The Gender, Work and Family specialty investigates the relationships among the sociology of gender and two closely related fields of family sociology and the sociology of work.