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Sociology Degree Requirements

The Sociology undergraduate degree requirements for our Bachelors of Arts degree program support our student learning outcomes below:

Minor in Sociology today!

The Sociology Minor

The Department of Sociology invites you to explore our minor in Sociology!


Commencement Information

Class of 2022, congratulations on your graduation!  Please enjoy a video of our 2022 Commencement ceremony here:

Mckeldin Mall

5 Year BA/MA SOCY Program

Combined Bachelor/Master of Arts in Sociology



Course Offerings & Policies

Undergraduate majors in sociology take courses in the substantive areas of sociology, sociological statistics, sociological research methods, and sociological theory.

Minor in Demography today!

Demography Minor

The Department of Sociology invites you to explore our new minor in Demography, the interdisciplinary study of human populations.


Undergraduate Studies

Students must complete 120 academic hours, with a minimum of "C" (2.0) average to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree.  For a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology students must satisfy three sets of requirements: