Dr. Collin Mueller has been selected as this year's Rosenberg Award recipient. Intended to recognize outstanding mentoring, the award is given by Sociology graduate students, who are responsible for soliciting nominations and deciding on the eventual winner. Here's some of what students have said about Dr. Mueller:

"He helped me immensely in trying to frame my second-year paper. He is technically not my official mentor or advisor, but he really helped me figure out how I wanted to construct my project, and even encouraged me on future projects. He is very nice, easy to talk to, and super encouraging."

"Dr. Mueller's fiercely positive attitude and proclivity for relatable and ice-breaking humor have brought a smile to my face on more than one occasion during this difficult, distanced academic year....This being Dr. Mueller's first year as a professor in the department and my first year as a student in the department, I felt that I could relate to Dr. Mueller on an experiential level. Given the unusual circumstances this academic year, this connection has served to be a truly grounding force in my experience as a graduate student and a strong motivating factor for my coursework and my research. "

"I felt early on that he puts a lot of care both into his work and into his relationships with students. Based on the positive comments I’ve heard about him these past two semesters, it seems like a lot of other students feel this way as well. He offers helpful advice and support on a variety of issue, he pays attention to students’ needs and interests and advocates for us, and he creates welcoming and accommodative spaces for students to be open, honest, and comfortable."

Congratulations, Collin!

mueller smiling in a suit