SOCY Professor Feinian Chen co-authored two articles with SOCY graduate students coming out in the September issues of two highly regarded journals. 

The first article, "Race/Ethnic Differentials in the Health Consequences of Caring for Grandchildren for Grandparents," was co-authored by Christine A. Mair, Luoman Bao, and Yang Clair Yang in the Journal of Gerontology, 70(5). 

The second article, "For Better or Worse: The Health Implications of Marriage Separation Due to Migration in Rural China," was co-authored by Kriti Vikram and Yu Guo in Demography, 52(4).

The third article, "Reprivatized womanhood: Changes in mainstream media's framing of urban women's issues in China, 1995-2012. Journal of Marriage and Family," was written by Shengwei Sun with Chen as a second author in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Gerontology.

Feinian Chen