Assistant Professor Julia Chuang has received a 2023-2024 Faculty-Student Research Award (FSRA) from the Graduate School. The Graduate School FSRA enriches the graduate student experience while assisting faculty in their academic pursuits. 

Chuang will work with two graduate students on an interview-based project on how global mobility regimes shift. This involves interviewing migrants and "immigration intermediaries" to better understand how the "rules" of migration are not simply given but produced by interactions between migrants and the state. Writes Chuang:

We ask how immigration waves lead to changes in global mobility regimes -- defined loosely as the "rules" each country establishes for who can lawfully immigrate. We are particularly interested in creative and protracted processes by which people craft selves which the state deems legitimate migrants. We examine a global industry of immigration consultants who advise potential migrants on how to use higher education to craft a desirably-skilled self, how to invest their capital overseas, etc. 

Congratulations, Dr. Chuang!

smiling chuang