This project aims to explore transnational comparisons of national policy responses to global climate change focusing on the role of social and advocacy networks. Funded by a grant from the Human and Social Dynamics Program of the National Science Foundation, I directed the US case study for this project. We are currently writing up findings from this project.

Recent peer-reviewed publications include:

Fisher, Dana R., Joseph Waggle, and Philip Leifeld.  2013. “Where Does Political Polarization Come From? Locating Polarization Within the U.S. Climate Change Debate.”  American Behavioral Scientist. Volume 57, Issue 1: 70 - 92.

Fisher, Dana R. Philip Leifield, and Yoko Iwaki. 2013. “Mapping the Ideological Networks of American Climate Politics." Climatic Change.


Principal Investigator
Project Sponsor
National Science Foundation (NSF)