Kleykamp, Meredith . 2008-2010. National Science Foundation grant “Finding Work after War” 
SES-0818337 $120,168 


The purpose of the current project is to measure whether employers exhibit discriminatory or preferential attitudes toward and treatment of military veterans in the hiring process, how this differs by race/ethnicity, gender, and to evaluate the reasons why such differences arise.  The main goals of the project are to: 1) identify how military veterans fare in hiring, documenting the extent of differential treatment of veterans in hiring and whether veteran treatment varies by race, gender and labor market using an experimental design 2) explore the mechanisms explaining why employers treat veterans as they do, how they evaluate military experience, and what meaning military experience holds in the civilian hiring process using a survey of audited employers and a series of in-depth interviews with hiring agents and 3) adjudicate competing the sociological explanations for differential veteran/non-veteran employment outcomes, of human capital development, selection, signaling or screening, and cultural capital development on the basis of the audit, survey and interview data.

Principal Investigator
Project Sponsor
National Science Foundation (NSF)