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Social Inequality and Mobility at the University of Maryland is grounded in the classical sociological theories as well as contemporary theory and research. Our program includes special attention to questions about intersectionality in systems of inequality, especially as they involve institutional, organizational and labor market dynamics, health disparities, immigration, and residential segregation.

Faculty Interests

The principal faculty active in the area include:

Graduate Student Research Opportunities and Employment

Students are encouraged to present papers at meetings and to become involved in faculty research. Students are collaborating with faculty in ongoing research projects involving health inequality, occupational segregation, the military, immigration, residential segregation, families, and time use. Students use large, publicly available datasets, smaller studies, and original data collection techniques. We encourage collaboration across areas of interest and among students as well as between faculty and students. 

Graduates with training in Social Inequality and Mobility have accepted employment at such schools as University of California-Irvine,  Stony Brook University, the University of Utah, Tulane University, Union College, the University of Missouri-Columbia, and the University at Buffalo, as well as the U.S. Census Bureau, Urban Institute, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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