The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce a new minor for undergraduates in Demography.  Training in demographic analysis provides students with important tools and perspectives for understanding social and econmic changes, both locally and globally.  The skills you gain are in high demand in public policy think tanks, government offices, and many other organizations.  

This minor will benefit students from many different majors including SOCY, CCJS, GEOG, ECON, ANTH, JOUR, BUSM, AND PHSC.  

REQUIREMENTS:  The minor consists of 18 credits:

Coursework will explore the ways in which changes in human behavior and access to resources (including health, education and economic well-being), are shaped by social and demographic forces.  By examining demographic behaviors within broader historical and social contexts, students will gain both micro and macro perspectives on social change.  Students will also be trained in a range of demographic techniques used to study these processes.

3 Required Courses:

SOCY 201         Social Statistics (or an equivalent course from another department)

SOCY 410         Social Demography

SOCY 411         Demographic Techniques

3 Electives from this list (1 may be an internship, 2 may be non-SOCY course):

SOCY 335         Sociology of Health and Illness

SOCY 386         Experiential Learning (OPTIONAL INTERNSHIP)

SOCY 412         Family Demography

SOCY 413         Aging and the Life Course

SOCY 418         Research in Family & Demography

SOCY 428         Research in Inequality

SOCY 441         Social Stratification and Inequality

SOCY 443         Family and Society

SOCY 445         Sex & Love in Modern Society

Students may take up to 2 non-SOCY courses as electives:

AAST 222         Immigration and Ethnicity in America

AAST 498B      Urban Demography and community

AASP 398D      Issues in African Development

AASP 499C      Race and Reproduction

ANTH 265        Anthropology of Global Health

AREC 365         World hunger, population and food supplies

ECON 315        Economic Development of Underdeveloped Countries

FMSC 381        Poverty, Affluence and Families

GEOG 335        Population Geography


New Elective Courses will continue to be added


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