The SOCYAdvising Office would like to remind students of the following registration policies.  Please keep them in mind as you finalize your schedule.

Pre-requisite Policy

The Sociology Department enforces all pre-requisites. Students must have successfully completed a pre-requisite the semester before registering for any class. The Sociology Department reserves the right to drop students who are missing the pre-requisite from the course without notice.

SOCY Course Restriction Policy

Sociology majors are allowed to take a maximum of 3 SOCY courses per fall and spring semester. 

Oversubscription Policy

In accordance with BSOS College policy, the Sociology Department does not oversubscribe students to any SOCY courses. Students are encouraged to sign up for all courses on their registration date, and must complete any mandatory advising or remove any other registration block BEFORE their registration appointment. Students should remain on wait lists and remember to check in every day during schedule adjustment to ensure they do not lose their spot on the waitlist.

Undergraduate Policies

Please click the link below for more information on the complete listing of undergraduate policies available in the Undergraduate Catalog:


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