We have invited select faculty to impart Weekly Words of Wisdom to our Sociology Majors and Minors.  Enjoy getting to know the faculty and learn some helpful hints for success in our department.  


WEEK ONE: Set higher standards for yourself by Dr. Jeff Lucas, Sociology Department Chair

WEEK TWO: Prioritize long-term goals by Dr. Nicole DeLoatch, Sociology Director of Undergraduate Studies

WEEK THREE: Plan your next steps now by Dr. Amy McLaughlin, Sociology Lecturer and Academic Advisor

WEEK FOUR: Dive deep into something you love by Dr. Julia Chuang, Sociology Assistant Professor

WEEK FIVE: Take advantage of every opportunity by Dr. Long Doan, Sociology Associate Professor

WEEK SIX: Cultivate a curious mind by Dr. Collin Mueller, Sociology Assistant Professor

WEEK SEVEN: Find ways to contribute wherever you are by Dr. Mónica L. Caudillo, Sociology Assistant Professor

WEEK EIGHT: The only bad decision is not making a decision by Dr. Amelia Branigan, Sociology Assistant Professor


Week 1: Dr. Jeff Lucas
Week 2: Nicole De Loatch
Week 3: Dr. Amy McLaughlin
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Week 4: Dr. Julia Chuang


Week 5: Dr. Long Doan
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Week 6: Dr. Collin Mueller


Week 7: Dr. Mónica L. Caudillo
Week 8: Dr. Amelia Branigan


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